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" So he just goes to they're dorm and " rests ".
Day after day, new secrets about the girls are heard.
Guest Star : Brando Eaton as Vince Blake Brando Eaton is akbar and birbal stories pdf only seen in one scene.51-52 " Zoey 101: Goodbye Zoey?Chase's girlfriend, Rebecca, seems really sweet until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase.Guest Star : Daniella Monet as Rebecca First appearance of Rebecca 28 2 " Chase's Girlfriend " Steve Hoefer Steve Holland October 1, 2006 302 A shocking ending from "Surprise" leads to yet another plot twist.With no cellphone signal or Wi-Fi hot spot, they are stuck there until someone stumbles upon them.Meanwhile, Lola is made head of the Prom committee, and all she wants is to arrive fashionably late, but will she be able to?While Zoey, Lola and Chase initially found the event degrading, the girls asked to join when Logan revealed the prize of the contest: the chance to be on the cover of Buzz Magazine.At the end it turns out it was Logan's illegal J-Phone from Japan that was setting off norton ghost dos version the fire alarm, which leads to Logan getting beaten soundly by the other boys in his dorm building.Meanwhile, Michael and Logan get sprayed by a skunk and ask Quinn for help, which backfires when she sprays their clothes with a disintegrating gas, leaving them naked, having to use trash bags to prevent exposing nudity.

When they find out they have to give 5,000 to Drake for him to play at their spring fling, Zoey and her friends start a fund-raiser.
This results in Quinn moving in with Zoey and Lola after a room-assigning mishap with Coco and online bra-ordering.
57 "Anger Management" February Dustin is Logan's new assistant.
quot; : "I think I'm going to change my underwear"Dustin 5 5 " Prank Week " Savage Steve Holland Anthony Del Broccolo January 30, 2005 108 The girls keep on being the victims of pranks, on the week of pranks.Zoey must help save PCA by getting to Redstone Gulch and placing the necklace back where it came from.Note : In this episode Michael plays the originals episode 3 english subtitles with a toy called Clackers, which is what Drake plays with in an episode of Drake Josh.31 "The Great Vince Blake" November Vince Blake appears to be the ladies' man, the best school athlete and the savior of the football team.When the gang refuse to let Logan keep the necklace (which he says will be evidence that they proved the legend true, and make them famous at PCA he steals it and puts it in Zoey's backpack, causing a violent thunder storm to form and.When in the episode, they call the theme park Mystic Mountain and Michael rides the Spine Twister.This makes Zoey feel jealous and upset.Feeling bad, Zoey decides to go to the man's son and try to keep all the girls here and she'll leave.The girls then decide to try and cheer her up by throwing an alpaca-themed party.Dana left for the European Exchange Program, so Zoey and Nicole need a new roommate.