xcom enemy unknown patch

Fixed some hangs/soft crashes in tactical combat.
Fixed city car driving simulator games multiplayer bugs Fixed iOS7 bugs 3rd Update ss rao optimization book Edit Released: Source : 2K Blog Second Wave addition (gameplay details in the press release) If a player has beaten the game, they can access a variety of gameplay toggles upon starting a new game.
Shivs that are damaged will no longer become unusable.
This option can be disabled at any time with or without using a touch display through the options menu.Fixed rendering cheats my talking tom bug which causes some soldiers hair to appear as if it is rendering on top of environment fog.Update xcom: Enemy Unknown Patch 3 Incl.Console: Fixed an issue where units would not return to low cover after using, suppression.Additional Notes Regarding Touch Support, touch support can be enabled through the options menu.Xcom: Enemy Unknown "Long War 15f3 Bonus Programs".If this feature is enabled without a touch display the game may become unresponsive.Allowing XEW to unlock, second Wave options based on Steam achievements a user has.Xcom: Enemy Unknown "Long War (RUS).05".Contents show 2nd Update, edit, released: 02/25/2014, source : 2K Support.ESC hides the movement grid, if you do not want to commit to a move while it is activated.Xcom: Enemy Unknown "Long War.0 Bonus Programs".

Improved the stability on iPad mini, iPod Touch5, iPad 2 and iPhone.
Xcom: Enemy Unknown Edit iOS Update Edit Released: Source : 2K Support An update was released on February 11, 2014 that addressed the following: Fixed Fog of War issue on the iPhone 5S and new iOS devices, allowing for improved map visibility in the last.
Text editing support is limited to Keyboard only.
Units should no longer become stuck in walls.
Xcom: Enemy Unknown "Long War.0 for PC mod".1080p movies are now used at all times on the.Units should no longer become stuck in walls in HQ Assault.Fixed Rapid Fire sometimes consuming too much ammo.PC and Console: PC Only: Pause button to strategy and tactical game.Edit, released:, source : 2K Support Features: Addition of Traditional Chinese Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where units would not return to low cover after using Suppression.