word 2013 copy paste shortcut

Close, ctrl-F4, close, ctrl-W, copy, ctrl-C, copy formatting.
3 column layout (with right nav.) 367 pixels 2 column (without right nav.) 530 pixels.
However, all the text will be in native Word format, so that you can re-format if required.If this occurs: Place cursor in table and right click, select.This allows me to copy Excel information into a Word table ending up in native Word format so it looks as good as the text in the rest of the document (but no links I am afraid.Your Excel data will appear in a Word table that appears to have an extra (blank) row top bottom, and an extra (blank) column left right.Cut Ctrl-X Date Field Alt-Shift-D Dialog box next tabbed section Ctrl-Tab Dialog box previous tabbed section Ctrl-Shift-Tab Document windowmove Ctrl-F7 Document windowrestore Ctrl-F5 gamecube isos for dolphin Document windowsize Ctrl-F8 Drawingconstrain shape to symmetrical Shift-drag Drawingdraw from center Ctrl-drag Ellipsis Ctrl-Alt.Command, keystroke, ctrl-Alt-C, ctrl-Alt-R, ctrl-Alt-T, cs 1.6 hack windows 7 application windowmaximize, alt-F10.Set table to fit into content area.Table Properties, in, layout section, check box, specify width and check radio in pixels.

Shift-F1 Hidden text Ctrl-Shift-H Hyperlink Ctrl-K Indentdecrease Ctrl-Shift-M Indentincrease Ctrl-M Insert Comment Ctrl-Alt-M Insert ListNum field Ctrl-Alt-L Italics super collapse puzzle gallery 3 Ctrl-I JustifyCenter Ctrl-E JustifyFull Ctrl-J JustifyLeft Ctrl-L JustifyRight Ctrl-R Line-spacing 1 Ctrl-1 Line-spacing.5 Ctrl-5 Line-spacing 2 Ctrl-2 List Bullet Style Ctrl-Shift-L Macrosedit Alt-F8 Macrosview VBA code.
Column A, column B, column C, column.
Creating a table in SharePoint will have less excess code, creating faster page download times.
Apply formatting to content and cells as needed.If recreating the table is not feasible below are steps to copy/paste the existing table and contents from a Word document.Breakpage, ctrl-Enter, browse a document, ctrl-Alt-Home, browse next/previous item.Select outside the area that you have just pasted; do not start or end your selection inside what was the Excel data).Text AA, text BB, text CC, text.