windows services for netware 5.03

FMU copies the file permissions using a user-mapping file that matches an NDS user account with an Active Directory account.
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What makes this process even handier is that the service supports two-way synchronization between Active Directory and the NetWare Directory Service.A company is migrating from a Novell-based network to a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network.The Microsoft-based clients that have been migrated over and no longer belong to the Novell network but require access to NetWare resources can access the NetWare resources through gsnw.Fortunately, theres another solution for linking Windows and NetWare networksWindows Services for NetWare.If youre presently using NetWare, you dont have to immediately switch from the NetWare Directory Service to Active Directory, and you dont need to incur the expense of managing two different directories.Password synchronization allows users access to Windows Server 2003 and NDS resources with the same logon credentials.First and foremost, msdss needs to be installed on a domain controller and the forest schema of Active Directory needs to be extended.Additional registry entries for msdss and FMU are now included in Services for NetWare Help.The reason why share-level access is so insecure is that each share point is completely independent of the other share points.This means that, even though everyone has identical file-level access to the gateway, the share point on the Windows server controls security.

Msdss may not generate the correct object mapping for the File Migration Utility.
If you create a share point to a NetWare resource, users have the level of access that youve granted to them, not only to the shared folder but also to all subfolders beneath.
Download or order sfnw.03 and run the I package from the media.If youd prefer to try before you buy, you can order an evaluation.SFN5 operates under the assumption that your primary network is based on NetWare and that you want to introduce Windows 2000 into the existing NetWare environment.You can use it to select the destination of each individual folder that youre copying.Because Active Directory does not support a container comparable to an NDS root organization and because Active Directory security differs from Novell, msdss, in migration mode only, creates a corresponding domain local security group in Active Directory for each NDS organizational unit (OU) and organization.