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More information came out since then so I thought a single post would be best.
Very nice for multi-tenant or Network Virtualization-enabled clouds.
And you know what?
This include VMs that normally run on another host, but could be moved (Quick Migration, Live Migration, vMotion) manually or automatically, or failed over due to cluster high availability (HA).
Edit#2: Windows Storage Server Ive just had lost boyz lifestyles of the rich and shameless remix it confirmed by Microsoft that there will be a Windows Storage Server 2012, giving us 5 SKUs going forward.But this time around, there are just two: Windows Server 2012, essentials and Foundation.The Standard license will cover you for 2 CPUs in a server.Each host will need 4 voses because 4 VMs could run on each host. .Im sure the cynics and competitors will spin things and mi" pieces of Microsofts text on the changes.Neither products support the Hyper-V role, which was actually a temporary stumbling block for my own installation.And that applies to you folks who think they are able to under-license their hosts (even VMware and Xen) for VMs; you have to license for the maximum number of Windows VMs on that host, even for 1 second.Prerequisites, before you begin, verify that the following tasks are complete: Read, general Installation Instructions for All VMware Products.The licensing couldnt be simpler in the data centre.You can transfer a volume license of DC (or Standard for that matter) once every 90 days to another host. .I bet the competitions licensing isnt this simple, offer as good value, and include all the features in all the editions.The One Technical Feature That Is Unique To Datacenter Edition.

A server with 2 Intel Xeon E5 processors with 10 cores each has 2 processors. .
My analysis on this: the writing has been on the wall for a long time. .
The idea behind Essentials is that it will be the successor to SBS. .
Some questions are part licensing/legal and part technical.SBS has been replaced by Windows Server 2012 Essentials. .Then buy a Standard edition of a CIS or ECI suite.Note: I saw the announcement when it first came out and have been waiting digesting. .There is nothing to restrict you from creating hundreds of VMs on WinServ Std.We continue to have the unlimited virtualisation licensing.Please send me the company name/address of your employer or customers if you disagree Id love an easy 10,000 for reporting software piracy Calculating License Requirements Do the following on a per-server basis. .