windows multi clipboard manager

It sits in the system tray.
ArsClip also supports switching between groups based on the program.
It stores the clippings you ncert class 11 history book want, retrieves them with a simple keystroke-summoned menu, and is light on your system resources.Ditto may seem unpretentious at first.To paste the desired item from the list just select it and use the normal paste command.On top of the user-defined hotkeys, Ditto sports over a dozen built-in hotkeys for entering, searching, and retrieving your clippings.The options are concise: maximum clipboard history size (up to 99 items start automatically with Windows, and change the keyboard shortcut to launch the paste options.If you type the same text several times in a day, then this software is for you.It shows you your clipboard history.Home Page, download Page Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender Envolk Clipboard is a simple clipboard manager.Frankly, I found the options a little overwhelming, offering far more than I will ever need.It maintains clipboard history and remember what you copied yesterday or last week as well current clipboards.

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You can paste these old items when you need.
You can also check out best free virtual desktop managers and best free application launcher software.The users who wish to copy multiple data to access at times without the issue of multiple-times typing must surely give this app a try.To paste the older entry in the desired location click the copy button of the respective entry.It is also available in portable version.Website link is under the Developer section below.