windows 10 build 10240 product key

Open an elevated command prompt.
Write again in the command prompt window the following command: slmgr.
I never comment or post on this things, but this one made memorex printable cd-r 100 pack me furious.Karma will take care of those who defy.After you hit the Enter key, Windows 0 will become activated.On the start screen of the Windows 10 device left click on the Desktop icon you have in that menu.

Note: Replace the Y letters in the code with your product key number.
If you are interested in activating Windows 0, here are a few simple steps for you to do that without using any cracks, hacks or third party software.
Again, wait for the message box.
I Agree 100 with your thoughts, if that was their intentions then Microsoft should have made it clear from the get.
So I am sure in a day or so someone will already have found a way to activate the 240 build regardless.Because lets be honest, they got quantity not quality.How to activate Windows.In the Command Prompt window you will need to write the following command: slmgr.Wait for the message box popup that the key is installed.That is because Microsoft has disabled the online activation until the end of July 2015.But don't worry, because as ruthless as they are, they are also horrible programmer.But its a needless hassle to go through.But that is what Microsoft does best, use people and throw then away.