virtual villagers 3 walkthrough ipad

Upgrading food mastery will increase your villagers understanding about preparing and storing all types of food.
They will walk to the ocean and put the fish in the ocean.
After they have added the water, pick them up and drop them again near the cauldron.
The crate will reveal another piece of the gong.
Drag an adult to the piers to repair them.Puzzle 1: The Cutting Tool Head to the large fish skeleton that is south of the food bin.Drop an adult on the skeleton and they will collect three bones and heat them in the fire.View all, virtual Villagers: A New Home walkthroughs.You must have three herbs to make a photo grabber mac flickr stew.Make sure no one disturbs the meditating villager.They will put leaves on the pit until it is activated.Drag an adult onto the frogs and they will carry one to the tree.

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Drop an adult on the blackberry bush.
You may pick any three combination of herbs, but the villager can only add one at a time.
They are collected on the fish statue.You can pick it up and place it anywhere desired in the village.Click on Options to access sounds, music and voiceovers controls, enable up to 4 music tracks, change between full screen and windowed mode and control the game speed.They will collect the dry grass and carry it to the fire.Stews Making stews are a very important part of this game.Puzzle 16: Decorate the Tree The requirements to solve Puzzle 16 are: The first four steps in healing the Tree of Life and Puzzle.You must make sure you have them follow the steps to make the stew, and they must eat.You will know when you have completed the puzzle as you will receive a message, and there will be a celebration.Healing can be developed by studying at the hospital and healing the sick villagers.When finished you will have three bolts of cloth which will be stored at the hut.