uxtheme multi patcher 6.0 exe

Make_opengl: Avoid the deprecated construct.
Spoolss/tests: Fix a failure on Vista/W2K8.
Quartz: Use the right failed/succeeded macro instead of negating the opposite.Inetcomm: Content-Disposition can have parameters.Dplayx: Use succeeded instead of!failed.Richedit: Fixed test failing on windows version with larger font sizes.Dbghelp: Sign-compare warnings fix.Mlang/tests: windows 2008's version of mlang E_fails when you pass in a rgelt in IEnumCodePage:Next.Winecfg: Use "MS Shell Dlg" 9 in Japanese resources.Winhttp: Fix compilation with MinGW/msvc.Wined3d: Print an error when drawStridedSlow is called with 0 idxSize and non-null idxData (CID 509).12421 Digsby beta crashes during login (needs lots of gdiplus functions) 12447 MSN Messenger.0 sagita full album ngamen 5 crash while loading the Contact list 12861 Gtk demo (gtk-demo.

Gdiplus: Stubs for Paul Vriens (39 kernel32/tests: Use skip instead of trace.
Oleaut32: Fix a failing test in win95.
Regedit: Ignore spaces in regedit files.
Jscript: Added tch implementation for non-regexp arguments.Gdiplus: Free memory on a failure.Gdi32: Revert incorrect fix introduced in winmm: The buffer provided by an application is valid only in the mmioOpen(fourcc_MEM) case.Msxml3/tests: Remove redundant null check before SysFreeString (Smatch).Mlang/tests: Skip testing a codepage returning the buggy, legacy unicodefeff charset (only appears to exist on windows 2008).