update 6 call of duty black ops

Various spawn improvements * serial number anime studio pro 9 Various sound improvements * Fix for Zombies Teammate shadows not displayed properly.
Prevention of various exploits.
Fixed random freezes in certain computer configurations.
Connect (or failure to connect is faster).Allow Team Change grace period at start of match (server admin option).Changed all dvars which could be possibly float, to float.Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 6 info: - Singleplayer audio stuttering on some systems Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 5 info: - MP Audio stuttering on certain systems.Added version number to the title bar.Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 5 info: - MP Audio stuttering on certain systems.Added Settings and Console tabs administrative assistant conference las vegas 2014 for Ranked servers.

Objective markers crack for omsi bus simulator localized for all languages.
Various stability improvements, call of Duty: Black Ops Rcon Tool - Recognize new "invalid password" server response.
Added three Private Match Server Settings: Team Change, Team-Up Period, and Keep Balanced Teams.
Added "disconnect button.'Hardened: Equipment Shot' Challenge can now be completed by destroying a 'Camera Spike'.Additional performance optimizations * Added an option to pre-cache all shaders during load time.Fixed crosshair flickering when stereo is active.Fix for radar not staying on in One in the Chamber when it should.Fixed a bug where UI state didnt persist after switching to another server.Playercards sometimes not showing properly.Fixed bug where entering a value of zero for Message Duration would cause a unhandled exception error * Truncated all message fields to 140 chars v Update 5 * MP Audio stuttering on certain systems.Mostly these are time-type dvars.