undiscovered james morrison album

Polydor employed a small army of producers/songwriters with somewhat less credible names than Terefe's (who has produced KT Tunstall, Ed Harcourt and Ron Sexsmith) on their CVs.
The dusky One Last Chance (easily the albums best track) is a bluesy guitar solo away from being a modern-day Jonny Lang track, while the ballad The Pieces Dont Fit Anymore sounds like it came from the reject pile of the boring-but-not-that-boring Gavin DeGraw.
And hence Polydor's apparent decision to guide James Morrison in a direction that should ensure his album sells by the trolley-load, but which fails to do his ability justice.
Its a pretty instrument, and with five or ten years of life experience, it could grow into something truly wondrous.Now, picture Joss Stone as a dude.James Arthur, phillip Phillips, tori Kelly, ella Henderson.You will then buy the album, take it home, and be profoundly disappointed.

On certain songs, the lyrics are so ordinary that you can pretty much suss out the next line before its even sung.
The albums title track is a quasi-inspirational ballad-by-numbers, right down to the crescendo and the church choir jumping in for the songs final chorus.
Unfortunately, Morrison (quite obviously no relation to The Doors long-depared lead singer or any of his kin) has less in common with any of these acts and much more in common with a fairly recent Brit export who went as quickly as he camethe dead.
Morrison's record company are aggressively marketing the 21-year-old as a "raw "honest" talent; a young, white, soul singer-songwriter who scorns the notion of celebrity and who turned artisteer 3.1 full keygen to music to help him deal with a terrible childhood (drunken father, neglectful mother, serious illness and friends.
His thick rasp suggests a lifetime of listening to everyone from Stevie Wonder to Van Morrison.Along with previously successful acts ranging from Stone to Coldplay, this year has seen several Brit acts make some noise across the shores.Similar Artists, george Ezra, gabrielle Aplin.Lily Allens album is already a modest hit, and Amy Winehouse is about to crash to American shores with a bang.Tracks like the bittersweet Wonderful World and the soft-centred If the Rain Must Fall have the snagging melodies to follow current single You Give Me Something into the Top 10, but there's something horribly anodyne, controlled and insipid about the whole affair.Now, you know exactly what James Morrison sounds like.It seems the label are doing their best to deflect the inevitable James Blunt comparisons by assuring us that, unlike Captain Blunty, Morrison isn't posh, writes his own songs and hasn't got his sights set on such vulgar concerns as global pop success.Instead they paint a romantic, slightly hackneyed picture of a troubled musician who makes music because it's the only way to channel his intense, heart-wrenching emotions.