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To prevent this, Optimus Prime opened the Matrix, which succeeded in stopping D-Void, but also left the Matrix spent, its crystal core darkened and split in two.
The Matrix is tropical!" Upon the Autobots' return to Cybertron, they were faced with the threat of Galvatron, latest carrier of the Heart of Darkness, who combined it with Vector Sigma in order to allow D-Void to emerge into the universe through Cybertron.
Though, it was once incorrectly called Optimus's 'Cyber Matrix' in "The Test (episode.
Unfortunately, a rumour spread that the glowing blue orb possessed by the monks shadowmaster diablo 2 lod editor was an "ultimate weapon and in 1938, Cobra massacred the monks and stole the Matrix.The Headmasters cartoon After emptying the Matrix to cure the Hate Plague, Optimus Prime sought to restore the lifeforce that had been lost by filling it with energy drawn from the lifeforce of Earth itself.Undaunted, he turned the Matrix into a weapon that was able to suspend Cybertronians in a field of agonizing energy.Dreamwave Generation One continuity The Matrix-shaped platform above the Oracle Tank.

Using this method, he blackmailed the Decepticons into serving him.
Virtually nothing of the Matrix's nature was actually divulged in the finished film, where it was treated as simply a magic talisman of prophecy that was the antithesis of Unicron.
Ultra Magnus When he attempted to absorb the energy of the Matrix from Prime's body, however, a bizarre fusion occurred instead, merging the two brothers into Omega Prime and revealing that the intention had always been for them to share the energy of the Matrix.
As Furman's run progressed, the "lifeforces of previous holders" concept was also adapted into the comics, with the Matrix possessing a genetic memory of those that had held.
The Autobots Have a Special Mission for: For the majority of the Transformers: The Movie sticker book (see right though it is also referred to as the "Matrix of Leadership" once or twice.Edge of Impact Rodimus battled within Unicron inside the Matrix in an attempt to win back control of his mind and body, but it took Kup deducing what was going on and wrenching the Matrix from Rodimus's chest to free him from the chaos-bringer's influence.Everybody Hates Metroplex Megatron later defeated Prime and stole the Matrix, which he bonded with his black hole spark and used to subjugate Primus himself, allowing him to shape Cybertron according to his wishes.All Fall Down It cures what ails.Joe As the Autobots and Decepticons on Earth lay deactivated among the Fera Islands, the Matrix was discovered by local humans, and became the sacred relic of a group of monks, who built it into the chest of a statue.