toontrack roots sdx sticks expansion

You just get a whole batch of great drums, hits and sounds, with a highly useable set of grooves to go with.
There are already a great selection of SDX expansion packs available, but there are now two additions to the SDX lineup, which for many will prove invaluable.
Roots - Sticks ' and the roots - Brushes, Rods Mallets ' Superior Drummer Expansion Packs.
I started testing out roots sticks and I could tell from the start that there is some heavy classic equipment behind these library.The Roots midi grooves are split into Big Band, Ballad, Funk, Blues and Swirls categories, and do bring out the best in the samples.You don't find yourself wishing that they hadnt put loads of effects on the whole mix, as you do with some West Coast based companies.Thanks to the design of Superior Drummer, you can use old and new grooves with old and new samples.Once you have installed either or both of these libraries, which can take a while given that the Brushes, Rods and Mallets library is the smallest library at 28Gb, you then have to go through the inevitable net framework 4 for windows 2003 server registration, but the rewards are great.Blackbird Studios in Nashville is legendary amongst people that know about how to make a great recording, as it has the most wonderful live room, allowing Toontrack to capture every element and ambience of the drum kit.

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The 'Roots' title might mean different things to different people, but Toontrack suggest that these samples are intended to work with Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop and Rock.
The cell stephen king audiobook first pack is named Roots - Sticks, and forgive me for stating the obvious here, but it offers a wide variety of drum hits played with (youve guessed it!) sticks.
One nice recording touch is that the engineers placed a pair of mics right by the ears of the drummer.
If you believe roots is for you go visit your local music store, ask them to demo it live for you.In order to get at these wonderful libraries, you must have Superior Drummer installed already.Now I have a couple of sound files that you can listen.A little about Toontrack, Toontrack Music was originally started as a production company for composing game and movie soundtracks.Ride cymbals 20 Zildjian Sound Effects Crash of Doom (DS) 22 K Zildjian Constantinople (DS) 22 K Zildjian Constantinople Medium (DS).Available with both packs is an associated collection of midi grooves that can be download from the Toontrack web site.