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The editors called it "the best space-combat simulation ever created." It was nominated as the magazine's overall game of the year, but lost to Doom.
1 In addition to the standard mission briefing covering primary objectives, there is often another briefing given by a mysterious figure who belongs to the Emperor's Inner Circle.
Release edit LucasArts offered a pre-release demo on two floppy disks bundled with Computer Gaming World.
Gouraud shading and a 3D view in the target information window are enhancements over the X-Wing game engine.
This is consistent with the theme of the game, where the player plays as an ebook pdf harry potter Imperial TIE Fighter pilot working for the Galactic Empire, the traditional villains of the series.The soundtrack uses leitmotifs to vary the music played during missions in reaction to the actions of the player or other mission events.Editors of PC Gamer (March 1996).Thrawn 's efforts to stop an Imperial traitor; the final mission of the second expansion concludes just before the climactic battle at the end.Archived from the original on August 19, 2006.12 It was ranked #3 on IGN's list of the top 25 PC games of all time in 2007 and #2 in 2009.4 Reception edit Reception Gamebytes Magazine gave the original release its "very highest recommendation citing numerous improvements over X-Wing.Mission objective status is accessible in-game, as is a log of in-flight messages.

The targeting system allows players to target capital ships' and space stations' components, such as shield generators and weapons.
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This mirrors the use of leitmotifs in the original film music, while also varying the music sequence every mission.
All flight takes place in space; the player does not encounter gravity or atmospheric effects.
3 Laser cannons and ion cannons serve as short range weapons, damaging or disabling targets respectively.Rebel Alliance forces, the player flies against pirates, combatants in a civil war, and traitorous Imperial forces.The player can also change the firing modes of his or her fighter's weapons (for example, having a pair of laser cannons fire together or alternately).Disabled systems will slowly be repaired; TIE Fighter allows the player to choose the order in which systems are repaired.TIE Fighter includes the Balance of Power expansion pack featuring an Imperial and Rebel campaign with 15 missions each.Based on, x-Wing 's game engine, TIE Fighter supports, gouraud shading and adds gameplay features and craft not available.13 Awards and legacy edit Strategy Plus awarded the game "Best Game of the Year".