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The Warriors did it!
The game follows the plot of the film The Warriors, focusing on a Coney Island street gang the Warriors.
Swan suggests he and Luther have a one-on-one, but the Rogue leader pulls out his gun.
"In Havana steve Nathanson, Artie Ripp, kenny Vance Ismael Miranda 3:56.32 Due to the PlayStation Portable being a handheld platform, differences to gameplay came about as a result of the port, such as the control configuration receiving a drastic change.After the Turnbull AC's failure scheduler in windows 2003 to kill the Warriors as they escape to board the train en route to Coney Island, the train is stopped by a fire on the tracks at Tremont.5 Many of the original actors from the film have returned to voice their charactersat least, most of the ones that are "still alive".Swan, Mercy and the Warriors arrive on the 96th Street and Broadway in Manhattan, where they are detected by the police and separated.Mayhem - The Warriors smash anything in sight.

Setting Edit During The Warriors, there are a collection of levels, referred to as missions, which the player must progress through.
And May 29, 2013 in Europe via the PlayStation Network and July 5, 2016 on the PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Network.
Due to the game containing strong violence, language, sexual theme, etc., the game was released with a "Mature" rating.
5 Cleon, Swan, Ajax, and Rembrandt are the most heavily featured characters.Eighteen can be accessed, along with six more bonus missions, known as " Flashbacks which show how the Warriors were formed, and how each member of the Warriors came to join the gang, 11 and to unlock an arcade machine that will allow you.Starr: So you're the famous Warriors.He claimed that it would not have been difficult for Take-Two to pay, since the game made 37 million (43,956,586.33 when adjusted for inflation).Just as was the case on PlayStation 2, if there is anything that positively sticks out regarding how The Warriors plays, it's the surprising depth of its characters.