the walking dead season 6 episode 4

This was a pretty effective sting in the tail, if unsurprisingMichonne discovers a burned pile of their supplies out on the road, confirming that the Saviors don't even need a lot of this stuff.
Carols struggle from the very beginning has been about a woman overcoming violence and abuse, becoming a formidable human in the process.
Eugene is Negan, he says.
We know from last week Negan's big on what he considers consent; he doesn't have sex with women unless they're willing, but he somehow thinks he has a shot with Maggie despite having just killed her husband.Its a huge red flag when a show becomes concerned only with how it can have maximum impact instead of the nuts and bolts of good narrative, structure, and pacing.Still, Rick is immobilized, and so too is Michonne, by the Scavenger sniper who was supposed to be her partner in crime.And if Gimple and his team want to do that, well, fine.

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As this is happening, Michonne is in a fight for her life with the Scavenger.
If The Walking Dead will play these kind of games, it loses credibility as a narrative If they will play these kind of games, then the show loses credibility as a narrative and becomes a series of cheap stunts.
Dropping Negans name in the mid-season finale, planting references to baseball bats and head-bashing in nearly every akeyla badshah 2 cast episode; its like the entire season was engineered to abuse comic fans who know that ( spoiler alert!
QL Score: -5, the Tease, bryan: The moment that everyones been waiting for all season finally arrives: Negan attacks somebody with Lucille.Its structure is reliant on the same issue-by-issue hooks designed to keep people coming back and the writing seems obsessed with these shameless, self-aware experiments rather than telling a meaningful story.We've waited hours for this moment and it came incomplete Im undecided on whether TWD hates its viewers.Nick: You make a really good point about the television contract, as it seems Kirkmans creation hit the limits of its medium and decided to just toss the rulebook out the window.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below "Everything we have, we got from fighting Michonne argues, but Rick wins the argument with a monologue about the first person he really lost to the apocalypse: Shane.The newly aligned army attempts to chase Negan and the rest of the Saviors, but a crew left behind is able to ward them off with gunfire and allow them to escape back to the Sanctuary.I certainly understand that the introduction of Negan (and the death of a main character) could serve as a mini-reboot and change that, but at this point Im not expecting much.Theres no way for TWD to right these wrongs.Furthering his flair for the dramatic, he has Simon and Dwight unveil a coffin.