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Adaptable difficulty levels make this game perfect for all players.
The game begins with the arrival of a new police chief, who Zorro's father quickly recognises as a Spanish collaborator who helped Napoleon's armies a decade earlier and took part in a notorious massacre.
3 / 10, shadow of Zorro Gestalt Review - another deeply flawed action-adventure game from Cryo and In Utero T12:31:0000:00.
Author: Utero, created: 11/24/2001, updated: 6/7/2002, downloads: User Rating, description: The Shadow of Zorro Demo English.
The cutscenes and plot are nicely handled, being compelling and well directed, while the visuals are decent too, with some nice character work and stylish environments.Title: The Shadow of Zorro Demo English.The English demo of The Shadow of Zorro, a 3rd-person action/adventure game.For example, at the end of the lengthy opening mission you rescue your friend from jail and ride off into the moonlight.The storyline makes little sense at times either.While the Zorro license is just screaming out for an incredibly exciting action game, unfortunately this.What follows is a mix of third- and first-person adventuring which mainly focuses on the expected slick and stylish swordplay that is most associated with the character.Then, without any further cutscenes or explanation, the next sap fico user manual mission begins with you standing right on the other side of the wall, wanting to transformers revenge of the fallen game psp get back into the barracks you just spent the last half hour trying to escape from.And who is the beautiful young woman with the sad eyes whose charm has won over Don Diegos heart?The game's stealth aspect is completely ruined because you can rarely see where you're going or where the guards are stationed.

The story here is actually quite intriguing, and finds legendary outlaw/hero of the people, Zorro, attempting to solve the mystery behind the identity of the new police commissioner, who appears to be none other than the Slaughterer of Sargossa, a vicious criminal.
Press the wrong button and you have to start over from scratch.
This makes your average horror survival tripe look like a masterpiece of game design by comparison.
Probably the biggest problem is your view of the world, which varies between Resident Evil style dramatic camera angles and a Tomb Raiderish third person chase cam.Don Alejandro, the father of Don Diego, thinks he recognises the new police chief of California.The downside is that combat can get a bit repetitive after a while, as the sequence of buttons you have to press seems to be entirely random, and the complexity of the combination has little or no discernable impact on how much damage the blow.And given that you often can't see where the guards are thanks to the shoddy camera work, sometimes your only clue as to when Zorro is about to bring your game to an abrupt end is the danger meter in the top right corner.It's a shame, as other elements, such as the surprisingly interesting storyline are done well enough.