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Its a disturbing end to Turings story, even ignoring how hes been dubbed by many historians as t com crnogorska liga patch the Father of Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.
La loro "Inghilterra ai tempi della guerra" è borderline disneyana (si pensi.
Come anche ne, la teoria del tutto, in, the Imitation Game la confezione ipertradizionale e priva di guizzi autoriali non fa altro che rafforzare l'impatto della recitazione "totale" del protagonista: con la differenza che Cumberbatch nei panni di Turing è assai più pirotecnico di Eddie.
Theaters on November 21st, 2014.After all, what other actor these days is as well-suited to emblemize an aloof smarty-pants?When Turing asks her how she so easily made him like her, Clarke replies with Knightleys posh accent, Im a woman in a mans job.Instead of being festooned with a chest full of medals, the closeted genius who saved countless lives by significantly shortening the war was cruelly subjected to chemically-induced find aix version 32 or 64 bit castration in lieu of jail time.Imitation Game to serve as Oscar bait this fall and while the trailer does include a somewhat formulaic moment of Turings coworkers rallying to support him (despite his prickly nature overall the film seems to be a solid piece of historical drama, all things considered.È infine l'Inghilterra che si appella al genio di Turing per salvarsi la pelle, ma è pronta a gettare il suo salvatore in pasto alla buoncostume.If anyone comes close to matching Cumberbatchs efforts, however,.Manchester, primi anni '50.Source: The Weinstein Company, tAGS: the imitation game).Benedict Cumberbatch, impeccably perfect in every way) is a somewhat hard read at first.Eventually, the plot flashes back to 1928 and shifts into a heart-breaking love story as a teen Turing, a brutally bullied school-boy prodigy, chastely falls for a fellow classmate named Christopher.

A Beautiful Mind a, the Social Network - la struttura narrativa a flashback e forward di Aaron Sorkin è chiaramente un modello per lo sceneggiatore, Graham Moore - nel ritratto di un protagonista il cui genio viaggia di pari passo con la sua asocialità.
Advertisement, on the other hand, it is an examination of the tragic circumstances that befell Alan Turing, the films central hero, who brings victory to the Allies by inventing a revolutionary machine that would give birth to the computer age.
Imitation Game is the feature debut for screenwriter Graham Moore, though the film was directed by someone with a bit more experience, in the shape of Moreten Tyldum (helmsman on the acclaimed.
Turing, una sorta di idiot savant con un prodigioso talento per i numeri e una parallela inettitudine per la convivenza sociale, è il martire perfetto, in questo schema claustrofobico: infatti immolerà il suo genio per la salvezza di tutti, costruendo un macchinario di nome Christopher.The movie boasts its own inspirational rallying cry, repeated three times in case you miss it, which would be perfect for embossing on a holly-bedecked greeting card: Sometimes, it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one imagines.He would later be publicly vilified and savagely punished for engaging in homosexual activity, which was criminalized in England at the time, before committing suicide in 1954.Advertisement, some of the best scenes involve Clarke and Turing, who confide in one another as equalsespecially since both must hide their true identities.Deux ans plus tard, ce film lui rend hommage d'une belle manière et attisera la curiosité de bien de gens à son égard.È il primo di una serie di flashback che scandaglieranno la vita dello scienziato morto suicida a 41 anni e considerato oggi uno dei padri dell'informatica in quanto ideatore di una macchina progenitrice del computer.Matters turn slightly hokey as the final solution to Enigma code relies on several By Jove, Ive got it revelations.C'est alors qu'entre quelques "flashbacks" intermittents de l'enfance du personnage afin de cerner sa psychologie, on revient dans la pression, les moments de déceptions dus au échecs inévitables et à une ambiance de travail tendue où l'arrogance et l'asociabilité de Turing ne plaisent pas toujours.