state pension age 2015/16

Increase in state pension age from 65.
Current law allows for State Pension age for men and women to increase from 67 to 2046 but a government review published proposes a new timetable which will see the State Pension age increase to 2039, 7 years earlier than legislated for.
The schedule for the increase in men's and women's state pension age is as follows: People born 06/12/53 05/01/54 can claim from.
People born 06/12/60 05/01/61 can claim from 66 years and 9 months.People born 06/05/60 05/06/60 can claim from 66 years and 2 months.You can use the calculator to find out the date when you will qualify for the state pension and when you will qualify for Pension Credit.For single women these two dates are the same, but for others the dates may be different.Once state pension age for women has reached 65 in November 2018 there will then be further increases that affect both men and women.People born 06/02/54 05/03/54 can claim from.He writes that those in work should also be able to access a service in middle age that would encourage them to take stock, and make realistic choices about work, health and retirement.This means it needs to start later and to increase less quickly.People born 06/04/54 05/05/54 can claim from.If you are in a couple your eligibility for means-tested benefits is currently determined by the age of the oldest person in the couple.

Although he supports the continuation of a SPA for all, he suggests that some of the money saved by the government by increasing the SPA should be re-invested in the system, in order that disadvantaged groups can be better supported.
People born 06/01/61 05/02/61 can claim from 66 years and 10 months.
As far as employment is concerned there is no set retirement age and employees have the right to continue working beyond their state pension age.
If you have any queries in this area, please do not hesitate to speak to your HR Consultancy team).State Pension Age increases beyond age.Year, state pension payable from age:.e.Sir John reports that we have three factors to contend with: a growing population an ageing population (as the Baby Boomers retire and an unprecedented increase in life expectancy.People born 06/05/54 05/06/54 hidden valley cheesy ranch turkey burgers can claim from.People born 06/09/60 05/10/60 can claim from 66 years and 6 months.Pension costs in the Treasury have been growing rapidly due to increasing life expectancy, with some pensioners receiving more in retirement than they spent paying National Insurance as workers.To find out your pension age use the pension age calculator.He recommended that employers implement eldercare policies including a basic care offer; while the government should consider statutory carers leave, based on the existing sick pay model, to enable informal carers to provide emergency care.