sql azure migration wizard

While ssms has the ability to script both schema and data there are several problems with this approach: ssms scripts all database features, but there are some features that SQL Azure doesn't support.
Notice the upload rows per second that are reported below:.21, 551.28 and 190.91.
The process should be to allow the tool to fix automatically/ apply any recommendations, fix any other issues, migrate the schema, confirm migration of schema is service pack 2 windows vista home premium 64 bits correct, then import the data via running the BCP Data script.
When the SQL script is generated, an analysis window will be displayed telling you what areas need to be fixed prior to running the script against Microsoft Azure SQL Database.
The tool can fix some issues, but some issues can only be identified and not fixed automatically.Note SQL Database Migration Wizard does not catch all of the compatibility issues between different levels of SQL Server databases (i.e.The cookbook has details on using these updated tools and other approaches based on the features you use in your on-premises database.Clustered Indexes are required instead of heaps, which are best for BCP.This file uses RegEx expressions and if you see a pmp exam secrets study guide pattern that you want removed from trainer game 7 sins the SQL Script, you can put the pattern in the config file and specify what you want to replace it with (if anything).This latest Azure SQL Database Update (V12) brings near-complete SQL Server engine compatibility, even more Premium performance and marks the first step in delivering the next generation of the SQL Database service.

The Azure T-SQL is a subset of the full 2008 T-SQL.
There are a few different ways when migrating data from one environment to another.
It is available on CodePlex which is Microsoft's open source site.
Once you are satisfied, you can tell the wizard to run your script against Microsoft Azure SQL Database and your script will be ran against your cloud database and the success / failed results will be displayed in a wizard window.The output of sqlazureMWBatchBackup can be used in sqlazureMWBatchUpload.In this tip I will walk through a utility that will help make the migration much easier.New S3 performance level in the Standard tier: offers more pricing flexibility between Standard and Premium.At this point we wanted to demonstrate the flexibility and elasticity of Azure by migrating the POC workload to a platform with HA, and SLA's.When additional features are added to SQL Azure, such as SQL Server backup and restore, samw may not be necessary.