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Top-to) down (or downstairs) kinda (originally krinda) steps meTlu (singular: meTTu) palace (any royal, majestic building) mahaal loss (financial loss) nashTamu sales ammakaalu (singular: ammakam, lit.
Baddened) chedaraTam dear (My dear, please don't talk to me like that.) sakhiya beat (music beats, heartbeats, etc.) chappuDai intensifier (lit.
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To under-estimate) takkuva ancana eyyaTam platform (arena, a place for washing feet, the flat grounded space where one does something.) arugu edge (border; comp.
Becomes You very big-become are.) perigi age (epoch, a time-period, in Hindu terminology, one of four time-periods in which the world progressively becomes worse as each age passes.) yugamu gaze (I was looking at him becomes My gaze-in was-he.) coopu didn't happen (colloquial) kaaledu caresses.If you are wondering that English kaise sikhe, you have reached a proper place.Change-ing) deposits (bank account deposits) nilvalu chicken kouDi (sometimes, kouDipilla, lit.Properly (root word: suitably, conveniently) kuduru to arrange (from kuduru: "properly, suitably to adjust, settle) kudurcuTam staff (personnel, employee, retinue) sibbandi fatigue (related to vesavi: "summer, hot weather tiredness) veesaTa alternative (related to vaaikalpamu: "optional optional) vaaikalpika complete (from Sanskrit) paripoorna to unlock (lit.Sweat-undergoing) thirsting daahamveyuta (lit.To drink cigarette) cuTTataagaTam carrier (of an object) dhaari efficiency (lit.North-put) veil (Muslim women's veil) burkha white telupu (as an adjective, tella) red (less common word) aruNamu light (adjective; light colors) leeta second day before yesterday atumonna last (as in, last Sunday) monna Thursday (less common word) lakshmivaaramu disease (from Sanskrit) rougamu eyesore (medical condition).There are simple English words which you can find portable windows xp usb edition helpful.Newpeople) edexcel gcse additional science chemistry c2 past papers kottavaalu strangers (lit.Becomes You something do-have to when, you.Grown; You've grown a lot!

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Half-hand) teeth pannu (plural: paLLu) skin (from Sanskrit) carmamu chest (less common word) rommu toe kaaliveelu (lit.
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Earful-cat) cash (uncommon word) nagadu balance (bank account balance) migulu (or niluvu; migulu: "remaining niluvu: "movable exchange maarakamu (lit.Whisper-speak) palm araceyyi (lit.No say) kaadannaTam deeply (profoundly, greatly, so much, a lot) gaadangaa to immerse (one's self, to bathe, to wash) munagaTam man of truth (honesty, integrity, etc.) nijaayiti side (I'm on his side; He took her side in the argument.) rucincamu to mask (He masked himself;.Handwritings.) cevraalu to be distressed (also sometimes "to meditate connected to "tapasu meditation.) tapincaTam to push (shove, thrust, scold, reprimand) dobbuTam hole (chasm, unfathomable, bottomless) agaadhamu purely (without any mixture) accamugaa vow (order, chatter) niitamu gem (precious stone) mani to call (lit.Goodly; Wide awake becomes goodly awake, etc.) baaga to save (colloquial) kaapaTam drop (literary; water drop) cukku lonely ontariga (lit.Telugu to English application is an easy way to gain confidence.