spectre 13 x2 review

This new Spectre follows in the footsteps of its Ultrabook stablemate, and thats no bad thing.
You'll notice that there is no Ethernet port listed on either the tablet or the docking keyboard.
The capabilities of the specialized processor are substantially less than a standard Core i5 CPUthe Spectre 13t-h200 x2 scored only.70 points in Cinebench, the similarly equipped Sony Tap 11 scored.39 points, and the competing ultrabooks all scored.40 points or better.
The metal has been milled with pleasing precision, and the hinge works as a small stand when the Spectre is open, which tilts the keyboard forward at a comfortable angle.It's a mechanism that looks distinctly low-tech, and its central position along the hinge makes it awkward to reach, especially while your other hand needs to be on the upper lip of the screen to safely anytoiso converter 3.2 portable pull it away.The device is Wi-Fi only, and can be configured with either single-band 802.11n Wi-Fi (as our review unit was or dual-band 802.11AC, which is faster and offers better connectivity, but adds 20 to the total price of the device.HPs hybrid only fails in a couple of areas.

Pros, sleek, fanless design offers ultrabook functionality and the portability of a tablet.
Its a stout bit of kit, too.
That seems like a no-brainer.Bottom Line, the HP Spectre 13t-h200 x2 is a detachable hybrid ultrabook/tablet with an elegant design, but it doesn't compare well to ultrabook competitors.Take a 13-inch laptop from HP's high-end Spectre line and give it the hybrid treatment, allowing the screen to pop off at the touch of a button to become a larger-than-average tablet.The x2 doesnt compare well to hybrid rivals either.The hybrids measured brightness level of 422 nits is fantastic, and it beats the 314 nits from HPs Ultrabook and its also more than the Lenovo or Sony systems.