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We highly recommend Stuart if you need a 3d games cricket for pc professional sound designer to work on your projects.
Waves, Small and Close, Brighton Beach, 3 - ogg version.
Waves, Small and Close, Brighton Beach, 3 - mp3 version.Stuart Duffield - Can't find the exact sound you need?Stuart Duffield has been producing custom audio since 1994 and has worked on major projects and games for many of the world's leading companies.Currently /5 Stars., small waves crash onto Brighton Beach in England.Recorded through Sanken CSS-5 into Sound Devices 702.Waves, Small and Close, Brighton Beach, 3 - spectrogram 243500.0, waves, Small and Close.Get in touch with Stuart via his website.Waves, Small and Close, Brighton Beach, 3 - waveform.

Working on a project and require a sound designer to work on your audio?
FreeSFX Free, sound Effect.
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