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I sincerely hope this conversation continues and India changes for better in the coming days.
Watch: Satyamev Jayate 2: Episode 1 song Bekhauff Marathi version.
And in the very first episode, the makers decided to touch upon one of the most sensitive topics of last year that.More from my site 410, shares.The spirit of these real women and not zinda lash unlike said by some people of our nation was well illustrated by Aamir, the perfectionist Khan who also in a way made us to think by getting into the shoe of the rape survivor whose.While, Khan was embellishing the statement so that the concerned people might take some action, it just made me wondered how this statement would be taken by a rapist who is actually planning to do something in the near future.Bekhauff : Watch: Satyamev Jayate 2: Episode 1 song Bekhauff Hindi version.Sona has rendered the touching song beautifully, and that too, kingdom of heaven game in five languages Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam for the five regional languages.Of course we know the police are least bothered, the legal system is tedious and the people in India are ready to boycott the moment a girl is raped.Image Source: Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Banner, StarPlus.Suzette Jordan who chose to disclose her name from Park street rape victim and Urmila Singh Bharti, a dalit rape victim from Madhya Pradesh.Even though some of the claims were beyond my thinking capacity like a female telling Aamir that medical textbooks tells the doctors to look at rape victims with suspicion something that really caught my attention was the interview with the two rape survivors in the.Satyamev Jayate is aired on television.

Watch: Satyamev Jayate 2: Episode 1 song Bekhauff Tamil version.
Aamir Khan once again is reaching our drawing rooms with sensitive subjects.
To be honest, it didnt even bother me how Khan timely raised his eyebrows or expressed his shocks by taking deep breaths.Satyamev Jayate Season 2 once again brought the horrendous R word back into our homes and compelled us to think that Yes, we need to changeour mentality, our attitude, our way of thinking so on and so forth.Bekhauff sung by Sona Mohapatra, composed by her husband and music director Ram Sampath and written by Svati Chakravarty (lyricist for the Hindi version).The first season of Aamir Khans TV show.By: Deepti Verma, also See: Struggle of Nirbhaya continues, patriarchy and Us: Stop Tying to be the Perfect One 16/12 One Year After Nirbhaya What has Changed.Bekhauff s lyrics saying, Deewarein oonchi hai galiyaan hai tang, lambi dagar hai par himmat hai sang.Moreover, when the topic of the show is so intense and the stories are so horrendous, you usually tend to ignore the facial expressions of the minimalist host.