solid state logic madi to coax converter

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Madi Opti-Coax, mADI (Multi-channel Audio Digital Interface) is sleeping dogs patch 1.4 an established standardised audio format that can carry up to 64 channels of audio in a single cable connection.
For Commercial Post facilities, Pro-Convert means the ability to easily import music and material created within a diverse range of DAW environments for mixing.
There are therefore a great many permutations of conversion that might be undertaken using Pro-Convert.Conversion takes place in real time with no latency and no audio degradation.Key Features, streamlines project transfer between Digital Audio Workstations.Please click here for international Shipping Costs and Delivery Times.Are 10 EUR (approx.Search Replace missing audio file functions.Includes Track Markers and PQ Data.For large scale Post Production projects or facilities where multiple producers contribute to a single production process, production teams can enjoy significantly streamlined workflow.Compatible with over 40 different applications.2,569.00 Usually ships in 7-14 business days.Its front panel is equipped with one set of madi SC type optical input output connectors and one set of madi BNC coaxial input output connectors.Add To Cart : Visit Store Catalogue.

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Real time operation (no latency extends your madi distance coverage: from 50m (coax) to 2 km (optical).It is not always possible to convert specific features between selected applications it is possible for us to provide a definitive chess game for windows 8 pc list of which features are available for translation with each key application; that list is available in our online help file and on the.4,429.00, usually ships in 7-14 business days.Pro-convert is designed to remove the creative and technical constraints presented by an industry standard DAW environment.Frame accurate offset feature, housekeeping features for cleaning up projects.In Stock, call for info!Rapid offline conversion process.