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Sample templates for the joy of Spark users and experimenters.
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D.I.Y Sample Templates Vol.1 We are happy to release two free.I.Y.Helvetica, font_size_BIG, LD Font font2 new Font(ntFamily.Arturia Spark Expansion packs Arturia Spark Expansion packs Classic Drum Machines Vol.1 Our first Spark expansion pack, ¬ęClassic Drum Machines Vol.1 pays tribute to two gemstones of the electro house music scene : the Roland TR-606 and 707.* We have recreated the 606 analog sounds.By adding a touch of TAE with the Bodeshift noises and Karplus overtones, we are delivering state-of-the-art software emulation that will satisfy the most demanding beat-makers.As before, the presence of key parameters will give you in-depth acces to the synthesis and sampling chain of each kit, for maximum tweaking and creativity.Christmas is the season of giving, so we thougt, why not give it away in our turn.976 classic synth samples.The KPR faithfully emulates the punchy analog sounds of the KPR-77 which was Korgs answer to the TR-606.The HALion and Kontakt versions also has the glissando articulation mapped on the modwheel.

The Koestler has been sampled in stereo and contains release samples for even more realism.
504 free Balearic bliss samples.
Expansion Pack 1 Highlights: 350 new programs and over 110 MB of new samples and wavetables New programs expand the factory sound set with new Basses, Drums, Keys, Leads, Film Textures Sound Effects, Organs, Pads, Sequences, Sweeps and Analog sounds Includes new wavetables and multisamples.
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502 free '80s samples.This template is guaranteed to bring a unique edge and character to your drums.400 heavy metal guitar samples.328 drum 'n' bass samples.357 Prodigy-style samples.Underline tInstance(document, new document.Note: Windows users who have already updated to Rapture.1 should download and install the combined installer.