should i design a logo in illustrator or photoshop

How to Create a Trendy Retro Type Treatment Illustrator and saint seiya episode 1 english sub designer Ryan Putnam shows us the techniques involved in creating a retro-styled logotype design in this thorough step-by-step Illustrator tutorial.
I specify in ALL my contracts, who owns the copyrights to images I create.
Best Answer: .Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment This text treatment Illustrator tutorial shares a technique for achieving a nature-inspired logotype design.Webfly, a company that develops.NET applications for businesses.Logo Design Project Step by Step.Youll see the process of utilizing both Illustrator and Photoshop to create a grungy logo design in this video tutorial.I'm in the process of designing a logo for a company using Illustrator.3D logo Tutorial, youll read step-by-step instructions on how to create a three-dimensional iconic logo for the web in this tutorial.3D Logo, nick La, a Toronto-based freelance illustrator and web designer, shows us a technique for creating a three-dimensional logo that involves a couple of Illustrator effects, the Pathfinder tool for merging shapes, and the Gradient tool.

The technique involves creative use of the Ellipse tool, the Direct Selection tool to merge and delete anchor points, and using effects and the Gradient tool to add the finishing touches.
Also, and this is from my experience with PS, do I need to flatten layers in Illustrator before sending this to client?
What type of file should I send them when all is completed, so they can use this logo in whatever way they choose?
In this tutorial, UK-based graphic and web designer.The extra few minutes I spend talking to his printer is well worth the effort if it save a client some embarresmant by his NOT haveing to come back and pay me to do the job over again because teaching making a difference churchill pdf of HIS mistake.Simple Logo Vector Tutorial This tutorial goes over how to create an iconic logo design that uses folders.How to Design a Logotype from Conception to Completion.Part 2 goes over the revision process based on the clients feedback, typical of graphic design gigs.Create a Fly Logo Design Part 1 and, part 2, in this two-part series, Sean Hodge takes us through the construction of a logo design for.Part 1 of his tutorial discusses visual research, sketching, and illustrating the initial mockup in Illustrator.Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard when it comes to creating vector-based logo designs.Talented designer and blogger, jay Hilgert teaches readers how to create a vector-based logo design.I keep the copyright and original files so, when the restaurant makes changes in the menu or prices, he must come back and pay me to make the changes.