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The customary foot-bar controls the steering laterally.So successful was the general effect of his work, that the Cape Town Corporation decided to ask him to give a hydro-aeroplane demonstration, for which purpose Paterson had to design and have suitable floats made locally.The intervals between these ribs are further divided by the application of single lath ribs which support the lower surface only.The front section which supports the pilot's and passenger's seats, and to which all the control wires are carried, is detachable from the rear section, to which are attached the tanks and motor, by the simple expedient of withdrawing four bolts.The aerodrome is five miles round and a track like a billiard table.Both got up over 4,000 feet.Under the direction.I think he deserved it too.These exhibitions extended through the Christmas holidays of that year.Almost identical with that originated by Henry Farman is the running gear with which the Paterson biplane is furnished - the only difference being that the radius rods are much shorter and consequently subject to each other a more obtuse angle at their point.The unit which accommodates the pilot, passenger, fuel tanks and motor has been the object of refinement in design.

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Running parallel with the booms are three silver spruce stringers of rectangular section, that pass through corresponding mortises cut in the main ribs.Aviation in South Africa.In that year he designed and constructed a biplane, somewhat on Curtiss lines, which he proceeded to test on the seashore at Freshfield, near Liverpool.Paterson recently made a flight over the Kimberley Aerodrome with this machine of 2 hours 10 mins., covering 120 miles.Its weight without fuel or human complement is 750 lbs.I think this last soaking must have split the fabric on the front boom of the tail, because as soon as I left the ground for my next flight the tail simply opened out horizontally, and the top fabric forming a bag forced the tail.What really happened was that owing to the machine having been exposed to the weather ever since it was put together, and during the time our tent was being made, the fabric became, during wet weather, very tight, and then when exposed to the sun.Guy also got a medal for hard work.Compton Paterson an aviation school has been established at Kimberley, and the first class of defence force officers were to have commenced their training on Monday.