save file editor borderlands 2 pc

Exe file with a hex editor.
Preparation is now 4 shield capacity instead.
Cursed Pirates can drop Captain Blades gear.Made The Longbow the arcania gothic 4 full game correct rarity.Txt file into your game folder: (PatchOffline.(Same as the Assault Rifle Buff, sacrificed magazine for other stats, so their reload speed, fire rate and damage for less magazine.) Made Gemstone weapons have their own rarity, with the benefits of being one rarity higher (More gun damage, accuracy and magazine size) Buffed.Windows 7 can files with no added utilities.

Visuals (Credit goes to Davespineapple for doing all of these) Gave the Unforgiven an actual skin.
Made Torgue Tokens Auto Pick.
Made The Volcano have more damage and 100 grenade splash.
Fixed Elemental Elation and Salt the Wound 123 dvd converter 5.0.3 stacks overlapping each other.
Added every seraph from Torgue dlc to Pyro Petes seraph pool.Modify games povratak na kosovo your game, locate your borderlands.Made the Veruc consume 1 ammo per shot.Made Arizona have a chance to drop the Flakker.(Thanks to MegaCyber!).The problems include having character data deleted and characters killed off permanently once they die, rather than reappearing (respawning) within the game.Gave the Flayer the unique skin it had.COMs Changed Legendary Pointman to Legendary Grenadier.WillowTree to edit the file, then use xtaf to put the modified game save back on the USB stick.