sap hr transaction codes

Sample QE24 sapmqeea Change results for phys.
Extended NewZealand POD1 RPU_update_IT11Start Report RPU_update_IT118_46C POD2 rplkgpd0PBS Start Report rplkgpd0PBS POD3 RPU_fill_IT595_Start Report RPU_fill_IT595_46C POD4 rplozpd0PBS Start Report rplozpd0PBS POD5 RPU_update_dozustart Report RPU_update_dozul_46C pofo1 saplwpot Create Portfolio pofo2 saplwpot Change Portfolio pofo3 saplwpot Display Portfolio pofo31 saplwpot Portfolio: Create pofo32 saplwpot Portfolio: Change pofo33.
Notifications QM12 rqmell20 Change list of tasks QM13 rqmell20 Display list of tasks QM13WP rqmelw20 QM13 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp QM14 rqmell30 Change list of items QM15 rqmell30 Display list of items QM16 rqmell40 Change activity list QM17 rqmell40 Display activity list QM19 rqmelm10 List.
System CCtrs: Presettings RPC2 reppxxxn Info.
Analysis: Execute ST33 display_GPA_datglob.It is integrated with other SAP modules and external systems.SWU3, automatic workflow customizing refresh buffer (create wf batch user).Agreement TBM6 rftbma02 Treasury: Vol.Order TP_LOG rftp_GDS_LOG Log: Calls of GDS Functions tpcp rftp_cust_copy Travel kyodai mahjongg 1.42 keygen Planning Customizing tpct rprmenu1 Current settings tped sapmp50A Maintain HR Master Data (ESS) tpes sapmp50A Display HR Master Data (ESS) tplog tplog Short cut for tplog tpmd sapmp50A Maintain HR Master Data tpmm sapmp50A.Interf SI23_6 IWB_templates Edit templates SI24 rsiwb101 Initial Screen of IMG (KW) SI24_1 rsiwb102 Customizing System (KW) SI24_2 rsiwb103 Customizing Server (KW) SI24_3 rsiwb104 Customizing Assignments (KW) SI24_4 rsiwb105 Customizing Export Variants (KW) SI24_5 RS_IWB_entry_SEDefine Initial Structure (Custom.) SI24_6 RS_IWB_export_AAutomat.Assgmt List for Shift Plannin PP6U rhumst_hrpadnn_Conversion Add'l Data hrpadnn/paduz PP60 sapfh5AH Display Shift Planning PP61 sapfh5AH Change Shift Planning PP62 saplrher Display Requirements PP63 saplrher Change Requirements PP64 sapfh5AH Choose Plan Version PP65 saplrhei Edit Entry Object PP66 saplrhes Shift Planning: Entry Profile PP67.purchasing QI02 sapmqbaa Change formation - purchasin QI03 sapmqbaa Display quality info.

TPM19 rtpm_TRL_changestatus Change TRL Bus.
Lots QE73 rqetbm30 Tabular res.
In Futures Acct TPM70 rtpm_TRL_impairrecord Impairment TPM71 rtpm_TRL_impairreverse Impairment TPM73 rtpm_VAL_SP_valspecial security valn TPM8 rtpm_TRF_cashfldisplay Futures Account Cash Flow TPM9 rtpm_TRF_positipos.Swue, simulate event trigger ( Please note selecting specific receiver does not restrict to that workflow, it is just for info).Transctions TJ11 rftbtis2 Display Single Transaction TJ12 rftbcf00 Journal: Transactions.Layout Set telex SO50 BCS_ibnd_maint Rules for inbound distribution SO52 rssouadd Deletes Address from User Master SO55 rssousco User consistency check SO60 rsdoch01 Call R/3 Help Library SO70 sapldsyh Hypertext: Display/Maint.In Futures Acc tppr rftpprof Travel Profile Display TPQ0 sapmfiqt Quicktrip Manager TP00 menutp00 Travel Management: Travel Planning TP01 sapmfitp Planning Manager TP02 sapmfitp Travel Planning (End User) TP03 sapmfitp Planning Manager (Expert) TP04 sapmfitp Travel Request (End User) TP10 rfarhtp10 Travel Plan Synchronization (AIR).Futures Master TI57 rftbof01 Displ.For Log Overview (Internal) recarg rfrecarg Worklist: Update Objects recatm rfrecatm Manage Text Modules recdcg rfrecd_cashflowcash Flow Update for Contract recdch rfrecd_cashflowupdate Cash Flow for Rental Object recdzz rfrecd_conditiotest - Conditions recnae rfrecn_balance_Comparison ObjTypes - Contract Type recnrp rfrecn_responsichange sp: Contracts recon1 rtpm_TRS_recon_Process Ext.