sakkal majalla arabic font

04:49 z Ive updated this to four spaces per tab stop, since that is what MediaWikis CSS editor does (sometimes).
I want to scream Arial and Times New Roman rendered the diacritics as expected.
There will be inconsistencies with users that don't use templates or italic text if we do this.(Wikimedia has an error) I also noticed another error with Amiri apart from it is not a naskh style as it claims, it also displays / adda(tanwn) kasra not near each other but the (tanwn) kasra is displayed under the letter as if there was.Contents, padding edit, will an admin please change "padding-left: 16px" to "padding-left: 22px"?You'll note that they don't deny that NFC orders diacritics in an illogical way; their contention is simply that it shouldn't matter how illogical the order.If you have questions, please ask at bugzilla:63725.Accordingly, could someone who can please change the character statement for Latinx in Module:scripts/data from "0-z-" to "0-z-"?Yair rand ( talk ) 22:09, 4 December 2012 (UTC) Fonts for Phli edit Could someone please add ' Shapour ' (released under GNU/GPL) for.Phli, before 'ZH Mono'?That screen shot displayed addatanwn fata incorrectly as if it were addatanwn kasra.I think the remaining display problems (for Latin and Old Portuguese) can be fixed by changing the script statement for la (in Module:languages/data2 ) and roa-opt (in Module:languages/datax ) from "Latn" to "Latinx".

17:55, (UTC) I think that's a more radical change, I'm not sure if I should be making that singlehandedly.
Do you have a source, which would explain the official rule for spelling tanwn fata and alif?
It lagu one republic counting stars stafaband happens with diacritics and without, for all parts of speech.
What is your operating system anyway?
Prince Kassad 00:33, (UTC) Khmer fonts are too small edit I find that Khmer script in Wiktionary is very tiny and illegible on my computer but they look normal on Cambodian web pages.sche (discuss) 09:01, 23 December 2013 (UTC) External links icons removed edit Hello!The only one font to render all Arabic-based texts is Scheherazade, but it does not display clearly without ClearType and without enlarging the font-size too much.Re the r rotunda ( and that letter, as far as I'm aware, is analogous with (assuming, as I do, that in every case or can be correctly converted to R or r, respectively, without error which means that I agree with you that.I also noticed that Wikimedia swapped some rarer Hebrew glyphs with other more popular characters, but it wasn't a huge issue, at least I though so, as it was like substituting ( #xfb35 with what looked the same as ( #x05d5; #x05bc.Thus, if you call for a font whose actual name is cursive, you'll need to".Like this exclamatory Nonsense exclamatory Users need to see that the "Denoting excitement, surprise or shock" definition is not a gloss that can not be put in place of the thing being defined, but rather an explanation.