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21 On August 4, 2013, actors Min Tanaka, Kazufumi Miyazawa, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Maryjun Takahashi and Ryosuke Miura were unveiled as Nenji Kashiwazaki/Okina, Toshimichi kubo, Hirobumi It, Yumi Komagata and Ch Sawagej.
137 Surat said that the character designs for the anime television series were "toughened up a bit." He added that the budget for animation and music was "top-notch" because Sony keylogger software for hacking produced the budget.
Retrieved July 20, 2009.Watsuki describes that second Rurouni: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story as receiving mediocre reviews and about two hundred letters.Angry at Kanry, Megumi attempts to kill him, but fails and is instead held hostage by the wealthy drug-dealer.When Kenshin and his friends return to Tokyo, he finds Yukishiro Enishi, who plans to take revenge by killing his friends.Episodes 63-95 did not air, but were included in the DVD release.A battle between Kenshin and Enishi follows and when Kenshin wins, he and Kaoru return home.A b Dong, Bamboo.This allows Kenshin to kill the agent but, in doing so, unintentionally impales Tomoe also.Retrieved December 22, 2013.11 Satoh later commented, The role of Kenshin is that of a well-known character, therefore, I think fascinating acting is needed.A b Surat, Daryl.18 This theme also encourages former drug dealer Takani Megumi into becoming a doctor upon learning of Kenshin's past and actions.

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"Viz Sweeps Bookscan Top Ten".Archived from the original on 7 December 2012.Watsuki experimented with various titles, including Nishin ( Two-Hearts ) Kenshin, Yorozuya ( Jack-of-All-Trades ) Kenshin, and variations of "Rurouni" and "Kenshin" with different kanji in that order.Archived from the original on July 22, 2012.He added that he wanted to make a story different from other comics as he considers the main character Kenshin is neither a good nor evil character.Retrieved July 22, 2015.Announced that a two-part sequel will be released simultaneously for the summer of 2014.Retrieved December 12, 2016.9 Watsuki also planned line of duty series 2 episode 4 to create a Hokkaido arc and a sequel, but felt it would be better to start with another manga and so ended the series with the last arc he made.