rta driver qualification handbook

However you should only attempt the jo nesbo phantom audiobook DQT when you feel ready.
When you do risky or exciting things like skiing or bungee jumping, you like to feel confident that everything will.
At 60 km/h you will have travelled about 25 metres in this time half the length of an Olympic swimming pool.This is followed by the test instructions for Part 1 of the DQT on safe driving knowledge.Key points summary: Crash types With increasing experience drivers have fewer single vehicle, run-off the road crashes but more rear-end crashes.Even a familiar road that you drive everyday presents greater risks in darkness or rain.For all the information you need to know about the NSW graduated licensing system.Negligent driving could see you jailed for up to 18 months and dangerous driving for between seven and ten years.The graph shows that the risk of being killed in a car is greater than being killed in a plane crash or a fire, or being eaten by a shark.Provisional drivers must pass this test to progress from their P1 to a P2 licence.

However, the DQT is harder and more complex than the DKT or the HPT.
Most people are not primarily motivated by safety when they drive.
After each film clip in Part 2 of the test you will need to touch the Next Question button to move on to the next item.
To reduce the risk of fatigue-related crashes: Get plenty of sleep on a regular basis to avoid sleep debt.Driver qualification handbook 61 2 Approaching car without headlights.Source(6) Due to the damage to my car I think it was going quite fast.As you may not have looked at this information for several years, you might like to do a bit of revision.Think (about what might happen and what ddto do).Using the three-second rule Driver qualification handbook 69 3 gives you a bigger following distance the faster you drive.Tips You may find it is difficult to keep a 3 second following distance in heavy traffic other drivers may move into the gap that you leave.