rsa securid vpn setup

Using Remote Access harrison ed 18 pdf with EPA PIV authentication.
From Andord smartphones, tablets, or set tp boxes, switch back to Home screen; Touch Settings icon, touch More VPN text bar; Touch button to add a new VPN profile, and fill the VPN fields as below: Set Name as M; Set Type as pptp; Set.
RSA Token Initialization and Usage Guide. .
Do NOT re-use an old PIN.
Users may also set a new PIN by opening a web browser and going to the VPN web portal at ckefeller.Configure Free pptp VPN in Apple iOS Devices.How long does it take to get an RSA token?A 50 charge will be applicable for any lost/stolen hardware (keyfob) tokens.If using a hardware token (keyfob wait for the displayed code to change (it changes every 60 seconds) before trying to log in to VPN again.If you cannot come to the IT Help Desk, contact the IT Help Desk at x8940 for alternative options.PINs may not start with a 0 (zero).When your software token is assigned, you will receive an e-mail with setup instructions and a link to activate the RSA SecurID application.Sign on to EPA using your EPA PIV Card Authentication.What is a valid PIN?A link to these instructions is sent via e-mail when the token is assigned.

The best part of pptp VPN is it's 100 compatibility and support in almost every platform and network device, no additional software installation needed, and no jailbreaking or rooting required for latest mobile phones.
To request an RSA token:Log into the RUNet Account Management website at ckefeller.
A replacement RSA token will need to be assigned.What if I forget my PIN?Select pptp, adding fields as: Description: M, server: Account: m, rSA SecurID: OFF, password: check vpn website.The token will still generate a passcode even if you enter the wrong PIN, but the passcode will not work.For software token : Use 0000 as your PIN code to display a code in the RSA application on your device and enter it in the passcode field.It takes 3-5 business days to assign a token once it has been requested.Alternatively, request an RSA token by contacting the.What happens if I get a new mobile device/phone?