rome total war macedon units

This faction has a pre-made description.
Epirus, located on south-east, is busy fighting your ally - Sparta, which sooner or later will also involve you in this war.
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There is Tylis on the east - one more opponent willing to conquer your land.
Macedonian Cavalry, companion Cavalry, general's Bodyguard, support.Elephants and chariots breaking bad season 5 episode 10 direct Combat bonus in woods Fast moving Can sap Usual greek Peltasts (called Velites in Rome).All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.Screenshot Onagers Attack: 53 (vs.Few units of hoplites can easily hold the front line, giving enough time for cavalry to flank the enemy.Screenshot, levy Pikemen, attack: 6, defense:.Screenshot Cretan Archers Attack: 6 (Missile 11) Defense: 5 Price: 550 Combat bonus in woods Long range missiles Can use games sepak bola 2013 flaming missiles Good stamina Good morale Fast moving Can sap One of the best archer units.Buildings 110) Defense: 10 Price: 920 Very long range Can use flaming missiles Can't hide Inaccurate against troops Same as for Onagers, only these are even more powerful!Can form phalanx, good morale, good stamina, bonus.Factions - Iceni, victory conditions and first steps, macedon location is not the best.They're both not powerful, remember.This site is not assotiated with and/or endorsed by the sega or Creative Assembly.

Pikemen, basic infantry equipped with pikes.
It is ideal to block narrow passages - just secure its hitman 2 crack pc flanks and pikemen will defeat even more numerous enemy.
PDF (Portable Document Format) is a device independent universal Adobe file format.It is suitable to support infantry as well as to smash smaller infantry units and to counter enemy cavalry.Companion Cavalry These cavalry men have a powerful charge, as well as melee capability.Greek Cities and, thrace edit, units, in-game screenshot of a Macedon General unit.Elephants and chariots Combat bonus in woods May charge without orders Fast moving Can sap A support peltast-type and an infantry line unit in the same time; unfortunately, both of its sides are feeble.