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Cassius Longinus in the war against the Cimbri and their allies fell (in 107.C.) at the hands of the Tigurini in Gaul,. .
50 How we should handle that type of Statement of Facts which belongs in actual games hidden object unlimited causes I am about to explain.
We should therefore, if we desire to memorize a large number of items, equip ourselves with a large number of backgrounds, so that in these we may set a large number of images.Below the Issues are subjoined to Proof and Refutation.Everybody, therefore, should in equipping himself with images suit his own convenience.The natural memory, if a person is endowed with an exceptional one, is often like this artificial memory, and this artificial memory, in its turn, retains and develops the natural advantages by a method of discipline.

Yet your desire, Gaius Herennius, has spurred me to compose a work on the Theory of Public Speaking, lest you should suppose that in a matter which concerns you I either lacked the will or shirked the labour.
Nam utraque altera separata minus erit firma, ita tamen, ut multo plus in doctrina atque arte praesidii sit.
We can have receptive hearers if we briefly summarise the cause and make p15 them attentive; for the receptive hearer is one who is willing to listen attentively.
87 When specifically the case came up we do not know; Marx, Proleg., p108, conjectures.
Sed haec imaginum conformatio tum valet, si naturalem memoriam exsuscitaverimus hac notatione, ut versu posito ipsi nobiscum primum transeamus bis aut ter eum versum, deinde tum imaginibus verba exprimamus. .Rabe, p4 Syrianus, Scholia Hermog.60 "Outlining of the case the Analysis., a combination of and.1.xvii.23, the Subtle Approach is specifically used in the admirabile genus causae.In Cicero, De Inv.Greenidge, The Legal Procedure of Cicero's Time, Oxford, 1901, pp178181, 229235;. .The usual triad, Nature natura, ingenium, facultas Theory and Practice, can be traced back to Protagoras, Plato ( Phaedrus 269D and Isocrates (.g., Antid.Quarterly 30 (1936 1706.The scheme is Aristotelian ( Rhet.