redhat 5.7 64 bit iso

Software Full Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux.7 DVD ISO.
The firmware knows how to read GPT a partition table and understands a variant of the well-known FAT filesystem format.
This is not necessarily the fault of the uefi windows 8.1 consumer preview iso firmware developers.The image is loaded directly from the device using EFI_load_file_protocol.This means that their values are persistent across resets and power cycles.EFI image file for each supported machine type.1 root root 226825 Aug 17 22:03 bootx64.EFI This change ensured that the uefi firmware was able to find a boot loader using the default boot mechanism and successfully load rhel6.The BootOrder order list is used by the boot manager to determine the default boot order.EFI 0x01c2 The PE Executable machine type is contained in the machine field of the coff file header as defined in the Microsoft Portable Executable and Common Object File Format Specification, Revision.0.Note that, when booting a DVD containing the rhel6 bootable ISO image, very early in the boot process you are presented with a menu containing 2 options.The platform I choose to use was an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard which has unofficial support for uefi booting.The BootNext variable is a single uint16 that defines the Boot# option that is to be tried first on the next boot.Red Hat products and services are secure, open, and trusted by more than 90 of the Fortune Global 500.Its an excellent Linux OS developed by Red Hat Enterprise.

If that fails, then the EFI_load_file_protocol will be used.
How a uefi boot manager is actually implemented is totally up to the firmware implementer, but all boot managers are intended to be configurable using well-known EFI global variables, which are specified by the uefi specification for holding firmware configuration data.
Efi ) in /EFI/redhat: # ls -al /boot/efi/EFI/redhat drwx.Rather they originated as part of the Itanium DIG64 specification with control of the what came to be know as the EFI System Partition Subdirectory Registry subsequently transferred to uefi.4 root root 4096 Aug 17 22:03.The firmware passes this device-specific data to the loaded image, but does not use it to load the image.On the ending note you can say that rhel is the pioneer distribution of Linux and you must install this software on your system in order to use.If there is no BootOrder variable, a boot manager is required to enumerate all removable and fixed disks.The firmware on the DX48BT2 only supports the BootCurrent global variable.Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a modern and all new Linus OS which is developed under the banner of Red Hat.