red alert 2 editor

Radar Does this building give radar to owning player (defno)?
EliteGoatBoy 8 300 Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:13 am EliteGoatBoy Help Wanted: Yuri Repair Disk Trying to make the IFV repair logic work on aircraft ImaginaryNumb3r 5 244 Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:38 pm Atomic_Noodles Infantry healed and mutated by the same warhead Millennium.
Fraidycat Is it inherently afraid and will panic easily (defno)?
Now it's Yuri's turn to make history, and wreak vengeance on his foes.
Crusher Is this vehicle able to crush infantry (defno)?TiberiumProof Is it immune to tiberium and tiberium gas damage (defno)?LightVisibility The distance (in leptons) that this light is visible from (def5000).SteamsDev 10 470 Wed May 31, 2017 1:02 am nlspeed Airburst and Splits logic help needed please windows 7 ultimate product key 32 bits 2012 Problem solved, I decided not.

XxpeddyxX 15 525 Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:59 am Atomic_Noodles How do I make unit upgrades, and others.
(def0) RadarInvisible Is it invisible on radar maps (defno)?
Information _Command Conquer: Brick Wars _Cold War _Recruitment Center _Campaign _Progress _Units _Buildings _Maps _Scenarios _Screenshots _Ace Commander: Shattered Skies _Announcements _Aircraft Units _Ground Units _Naval Units _Misc.All possible codes to edit units -Step.Dock preferred docking building.g., harvester - refinery, helicopter - helipad (defnone) TiberiumHeal Does it heal slowly when in Tiberium field (defno)?(def-1) Invisible Is completely and always invisible to enemy (defno)?Positive number is specific upgrade.Agent Does this infantry gather information if it enters an enemy building like a spy (defno)?DeployToFire The vehicle must deploy before it can fire (defno)?Passengers number of passengers it may carry (def0) Speed speed of this object n/a for buildings (def0) ManualReload Must this object reload by coordinating with reloader building (defno)?(defno) PowersUpBuilding Building that can be upgraded by attaching this building to it PowersUpToLevel Amount of upgrade provided by this attachment.