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Music festivals are releasing line-ups and Jimmy talks about the National Championship game.
Bob also tells us that he has not sleeping well.
This past weekend Bob hung out with Jimmy Carter.Its serial internet accelerator 5.12 been difficult to adapt to jimmys new time but we listen to a Doobie Brothers songs to calm our nerves.We begin our face-off segment this morning by talking about the CDC Director, Tom Frieden, facing continuing criticism.Segment 2 Measles, measles, measles.Segment 3 Jimmy Carter calls in with a few topics.We hear a song by Marty Robbins.CNN Politcal Advisor Joe Allbaugh calls-in to talk about global warming, George Bush, Perrys indictment, and isis.Segment 4 Hills Cafe Music series Wednesday nights!Segment 2 Bob gives us some World Cup factoids, but no one can seem to figure out what day the final game.Bob discussed local government issues with Don Zimmerman.Bob met a nice fan this past weekend who was a big fan of the old Sam and Bob show.

Bob gives us some Quick Hits.
National news may neglect our officers but the guys discuss the importance of talking about these violent crimes.
The fatalities have doubled since this time last year, does the cell phone ban have an impact on these accidents?Texas has the third cheapest gas prices in the.And did you know only 10 of voters in Texas voted in the March primary?Kelly Chart history" Billboard Hot 100 for.Bruce Jenner is in the news because of his potential sex change.Segment 2 Bob talks about Moto GP going on this weekend at cota, this leads into the guys talking about life threatening adventures they would like to.Segment 4 The show discusses Austins green-ness and Sammy thinks its pointless.Dale Watson joins the guys in the studio to talk about his show at Hills Café tonight (for the second week of our koke FM Free Texas Music Concert Series).Segment 2 Troy and Bob discuss the inaccuracy of weather forecasting due to new technology.Why should we keep allowing people to fly in from infected areas?