quick technology projects for middle school

Political Cartoons Then and Now.
Historical Journal, students will create a historical journal from a fictional character's point of view.
Mayor Larry, if you would like to help Kaitlyn with her school project and send her your favorite recipe, you can reach her.
Artifact Interviews, students will research a historical person or event and retell the story as an animated interview with an artifact from that gta liberty city stories full game pc time or place.
Well, my brother-in-law (Kevin) is a four star chef and every time we are home to visit family in Northeast Ohio, we always request Kevin to prepare Chicken Francese to bring us all together as a familybe it we are there for a holiday.We Proudly Support These Educational Associations.Students will analyze and share the history of a political cartoon and then create their own cartoon about a current event.I would normally respond via my mayoral email, but I am in Florida on vacation.Kaitlyn decided to create a cookbook that would include recipe submissions from Union residents for foods that provide them comfort.Current Events News Show.In order to complete this technology project, students can complete the whole news show on a computer that has an internal camera and a digital video editing program.You are requesting that I provide you a recipe that brings comfort to my home and family.My Book, students will create a mock social network page from the viewpoint of the protagonist or antagonist in a novel they are reading.Persuade with Emotional Appeals, students will build persuasive skills and media literacy as they explore techniques of propaganda and develop commercials that persuade viewers.Students will create an animated video that showcases how physics concepts apply to their favorite sport.Who knows maybe everyone in Union will be enjoying Chicken Francese soon!

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The news show should include current events.
Students will need to be placed in cooperative groups of 3-5 students.Sincerely, Kaitlyn Southwick, hello Kaitlyn, i am honored that you would think of me to be part of your project.No worries about taking time away from vacationit is raining, so I have time to respond.Now being Mayor, I always think of my Commissioners (who are great guysBTW Unions Staff Members/Contractors (who are also great!Persuasive and Presidential Writing, students learn persuasive writing and presentation skills.Students in middle school need to be challenged with creative approaches that get them thinking and moving beyond rote responses.Students will create an infographic poster to share knowledge and data about an issue they are studying.