powershell delete empty folders windows 7

PSIsContainer property is equal to True (True).
This introduced a small problem with leaving empty folders behind, causing some confusion.
There are just as many ways to delete directories by using Windows PowerShell as there are ways to create new directories.What is the easiest way to do this?Delete folder from CMD, run the command rmdir on the folder.Or, if you dont mind using aliases (like gci for Get-ChildItem and?Unlike yesterday, I want to talk about what I consider the best way to delete a directory first.

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That was one of the worst mistakes the Scripting Guys have ever made.
You bet we do: because this is an array, we can use 39 clues cahills vs vespers pdf the Count property to determine the number of items in the array.
Because all the objects in the pipeline are folders, we can use the GetFiles method to retrieve all the files in the folder; in addition, we can use the Count property to determine the number of files GetFiles returned.Rmdir /Q /S "folder with spaces in the name".The result is a network share with no old files, but with lots of empty folders.Incidentally, theres an analogous method GetDirectories that can return all the top-level subfolders found in a folder.Delete contents of a directory but keep the directory.The code to do this is shown here.You know, now that we think about it, we werent completely accurate when we said that GetFiles returns a list of files; instead, it brings back an array (a FileInfo array, to be precise).But thats just because we cant display long lines of code on our Web pages.