pokemon shiny gold gba hack

Q: How can I play Shiny Gold?
It's a level script causing the problem, and last time I tried to fix it, it really messed up that place.
Q: What will you do after finishing SG?
I'm not sure about how many trainer slots I'll have at the end.
A: No, since SG will have all that's needed to be a single game.Don't think this is gonna be a 100 Gold Remake, it'll have its differences.Q: Where's the patch?We are really appreciate your support.Q: Will mom save us our money?So, be careful there, as I cannot really fix that.Item-Finder doesn't have a purpose.Why does a White/Blue screen shows up?First Goal (to post pictures Reaching Fuchsia City (and that's where the next Beta will end after reaching it by cycle and aby walking.Extra battles (somell be optionals, tough but rewarding Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work), Extra recurring characters (somell hate you, somell help you).Or it could be that things will work that way in my game) If you use an Escape Rope at Whirl Islands you'll end up in your last used PC (not that it is that bad, isn't it?) Tiles errors, like water reflecting the hero.

You should try Pokemon Shiny Gold first then Pokemon Shiny Gold X for the best experiences.
I need screenshots of before you speak to it (because I need to detect which is the script with the problem and then, you can post the incorrect movement.
So, in the X version, if you happen to find a trainer with a poke with a level way too low compared to other trainers in that same map (or compared to some of the other pokes for that same trainer tell.
Winner of the 11/06 3d kitchen design for mac ├╝ber Award, cool isn't it?A:.T Q: What's that "Your mom is so fat." thing?If you ever go to Route 32 or Route 10 PCs for healing, please make sure you at least went to another PC previously for healing during the current game (this means, if you just "Continued" the game and you need to go to Route.The trainers' names will still have that "!" or be called "xTrainer/y since I need something to remind me what I have edited already, and what's left to edit.Misty: "OMG, I found a BUG, Kyahhh!" NEW!Make first a backup of the FR rom.It still owns the special differences.so lots of people want to help, and I'll use anybody's help as soon as I feel like I need help.