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Other animals like to shout at each other too, they just dont have the setup factory 7.0 runtime luxury of a screen separating them.
More research is needed to determine weather or not all elephant seals can understand pitch and the beat of other elephant seal speech.
Just as it is with people who squabble online, maintaining dominance is very important to elephant seals social order.
The FBI agents affidavit states that Yu provided one of the co-conspirators the malicious software as early as April 2011.Sakula is also a known tool of China-based advanced persistent threat nicknamed.The FBI has identified Yus co-conspirators as living in the Peoples Republic of China.At this stage, the names of the companies (i.e., victims) are being suppressed, which is not unordinary.Image: Nicolas Mathevon, yelling at each other online is a beloved human tradition.The FBI has accused Yu of discussing the installation of a remote access trojan, or RAT, at an unidentified company as early as in June 2011.Deep Panda, or APT 19, which has been linked by security researchers to both the OPM and Anthem attacks.In general, elephant seal calls sound like a broken car.But its extremely important for elephant seals, to the point of survival.In January 2013, Yus co-conspirators allegedly used a variant of the malware Sakula in an attack on a second company based in Massachusetts.Chinese authorities have repeatedly denied any involvement in the OPM attack.There have been experiments with other mammals showing that they can detect rhythm, but only with conditioning, Mathevon added.

But of all the petty creatures in the animal kingdom, it turns out elephant seals might be most like humans when it comes to talking shit.
When they played their edited versions, however, the beta males were unafraid when the changes in the beat were more extreme.
We oppose baseless insinuations against China.
Photo: Getty, a 36-year-old Chinese national was arrested in Los Angeles this week in connection with a computer hacking conspiracy involving malware linked to the 2014 US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach.Yus co-conspirators are said to have breached a third company based in Los Angeles, however, in December 2012.This story is developing and will be updated as more information breaking bad season 5 episode 10 direct becomes available.Therefore, the researchers concluded that the beta seals understood that they were not hearing the alpha males call.According to Washington Post sources, Chinas involvement was suspected by US authorities, though the Obama administration never official ascribed blame.Sakula was also used in the 2015 Anthem data breach, which involved the potential theft of roughly 80 million individuals personal medical records.