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Contents, online Resources, penetration Testing Resources, metasploit Unleashed - Free Offensive Security Metasploit course.
Side-channel Tools ChipWhisperer - Complete open-source toolchain for side-channel power analysis and update pes 6 yang ada timnas indonesia glitching attacks.
Hash Cracking Tools John the Ripper - Fast password cracker.
Dvcs Ripper - Rip web accessible (distributed) version control systems: SVN/GIT/HG/BZR.
Open Web Application Security Project (owasp) - Worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of especially Web-based and Application-layer software.Js Programming by @sindresorhus - Curated list of delightful Node.Simon, 2005 Ghost in the Wires by Kevin.Google Hacking Database - Database of Google dorks; can be used for recon.Scheduled System Maintenance, on Tuesday, August 29, ieee, xplore will undergo scheduled maintenance from 1:00-4:00.Open Security Training - Training material for computer security classes.Cms-explorer - Reveal the specific modules, plugins, components and themes that various websites powered by content management systems are running.Joomscan - Joomla vulnerability scanner.CHCon - Christchurch Hacker Con, Only South Island of New Zealand hacker con.Hashcat - The more fast hash cracker.

Security Talks - Curated list of security conferences.
Osint Tools Maltego - Proprietary software for open source intelligence and forensics, from Paterva.
Aquatone - Subdomain discovery tool utilizing various open sources producing a report that can be used as input to other tools.
Fibratus - Tool for exploration and tracing of the Windows kernel.Sobelow - Security-focused static analysis for the Phoenix Framework.File Format Analysis Tools Kaitai Struct - File formats and network protocols dissection language and web IDE, generating parsers in C, C Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby.WPSploit - Exploit WordPress-powered websites with Metasploit.Fimap - Find, prepare, audit, exploit and even Google automatically for LFI/RFI bugs.What Every Browser Knows About You - Comprehensive detection page to test your own Web browser's configuration for privacy and identity leaks.Wordpress Exploit Framework - Ruby framework for developing and using modules which aid in the penetration testing of WordPress powered websites and systems.