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Hanson, pg 14-17 A New Camera for tools for uml diagrams High-Speed Oscilloscope Recording, by Dan Paxton, pg 18-20 May-1970 Cover: impatt diodes Design and Application of Silicon impatt Diodes.
Robert Burgoon, pg 20-29 The SC Cut, a Brief rst introduced in 1974, the stress compensated cut as has many virtues, by Charles.
A 68000 microprocessor controls the system.Higher performance comes from faster vlsi partds, bigger cache and TLB subsystems, a new floating-point coprocessor, and other enhancements.Locating shorted bonding wires in IC's, checking pad alignment in multilayer circuit boards, and finding much other "inside" information becomes as easy as taking snapshots when you use an industrial x-ray system that has automatic exposure control, by John.Loughry, pg 2-4 Putting Together Instrumentation Systems at Minimum strumentation systems that do useful work can be assembled around the HP Interface Bus at costs in the 15k to 25k range.Waitman, pg 16-19 A Microprocessor-Scanned Keyboard, by Otakar Blazek, pg 20-21 Packaging for Function, Manufacturability, and Service, by Robert.Douglas Josephson, Duncan Weir, Terry.Kistler, pg 2-6 A Simple Method for Recording Fast and Low-Level Waveforms.Eye parameter measurements measure properties that are unique to eye diagrams, such as eye height, eye width, jitter, crossing height, and extinction ration, by Christopher.Digitizing and storing the outputs of network and spectrum analyzers enables flicker-free display of slowly swept measurements, corrections for system errors, and direct comparisons of device performance, by Jacob.Hammond, pg 64-70 Tools for the Language Translation Process, by George Rom, pg 68-69 A Transaction Approach to Error e transaction-based recovery concept used in databases can be applied to commercial applications to help provide more resuable and maintainable programs, by Bruce.

Brown, pg 39-42 HP AccuPage.0: A Toolkit for High-Quality Document Scanning.
Banta Jr, pg 23-28 ECG Storage and Transmission, by Charles.
Frink, pg 55-63 Low-Cost Plain-Paper Color Inkjet e HP DeskWriter C and DeskJet 500C are based on advanced thermal inkjet technology in the form of a 300-dpi three-color inkjet print cartridge.
Pettit, pg 14-15 Interactive Computer Graphics for Manual Instrument ing a PC's CRT screen as an instrument's front panel simplifies control and lowers the instrument's cost, by William.It provides fundamental advances in operating system technology and helps users migrate to the new systems by providing maximum compatibility with existing systems, by Darryl Ouye, John.Ilic, pg 24-27 Thin Gate Dielectric Films for vlsi MOS ICs: Thermal Silicon Oxynitride, by Tom Ekstedt, Hugh Grinolds, pg 26 Electromigration: An e lifetime of the very thin and narrow conductors used in vlsi circuits is largely determined by the operating current density and.Vandoorn, pg 81-89 An Introduction to Fibre bre Channel is a flexible, scalable, high-speed data transfer interface that can operate over a variety of both copper wire and optical fiber at data rates up to 250 times faster than existing communication interfaces.A New Family of Microwave Signal Generators for the is family of generators includes both stand-alone and modular versions.Wilson, pg 12-15 The SoftBench Static Analysis e static analysis database supports the SoftBench static analyzer and the C, C, fortran, Pascal, and Ada programming languages.29 Desktop replacement laptops' operation time on batteries is typically shorter than other laptops; in rare cases they have no battery at all.Fuller, pg 85-92 A Software Solution Broker for Technical Consultants.