original power rangers colors and names

Speaking of which, does the Red Rangers new costume remind anyone of Lord Zedds design?
Henshin Hero Heroic Build : Usually averted on the show, barring the occasional powerup, but often played straight in merchandising and official artwork (which, in all honesty, clashes with what we see on TV).
Luke, I Am Your Father : Often the Long Lost Sibling version: Andros and Astronema/Karone (siblings Leo and Magna Defender - sort of (siblings Dana and Ryan (siblings Cam and Lothor (nephew-uncle Marah, and Kapri (cousins Trent and Mesogog (son-father, although Mesogog is basically using.
Stuff Blowing Up : Always there in Power Rangers, but taken to extremes during Bruce Kalish's time on the series, where simply announcing their arrival would cause color-coded explosions behind the Rangers.The A-Squad in SPD wore what essentially amounted to modified motocross suits; it actually doesn't look half bad, especially considering they're supposed to be an elite police squad.The Chosen Many : The franchise developed this as new teams were added every year, to the point that there's a bit of Fridge Logic that if things got bad enough the current Rangers could always call for support.Who were the former Power Rangers?

An Aesop : Most episodes are designed to deliver a message to the audience.
Particularly Egregious explosions are known as "Kalishplosions" in the fandom.
Strictly Formula : The first couple seasons (before they left Earth outside of season premieres and finales, the warriors game soundtrack generally followed a fairly strict formula.
Then there's "Spike" Skullovich, who had to have been born during Zeo to be 15 during Samurai.
Long-Runner Cast Turnover : Only Bulk and Skull lasted the entirety of the six-season Zordon Era, and after that the casts started being replaced wholesale every year (and Bulk still stayed on for Lost Galaxy ).RPM might take a backseat to Samurai.Comm Links : The Mighty Morphin ' Rangers had communicators that also happened to tap into their mentor's teleportation system.The franchise also has its own set of stock character types that often show up in teams: The Hero : Always the Red Ranger, who is also The Leader over 90 of the time.Mondo the Magician, a villain from Season 2 of Mighty Morphin, is unrelated to King Mondo, the ruler of the Machine Empire from Zeo.Batman Can Breathe in Space : Or rather anyone really.Waldorf: What, is there an hermit fanboy as a network executive?At, new York Comic Con on Saturday, Lionsgate surprised us all by dropping the first official teaser trailer for the latest adaptation of the beloved Saban property."Delta Max Striker!" "Power Sword!" However, there were a few situations where they'd name the attack too which made the use of more tricked-out weapons painful to watch.