open canvas 3.03e plus

Ajj, popio mi Internet mozak T_T) - ok, mozda i mozes, ali to sada nije bitno.
He agreed and then I began colouring.
Le dispositif le plus utile est la fonction de dossier d'événement qui offre à des utilisateurs la capacité d'enregistrer des sessions de dessin pour point par point rejouent.Lots of layers on this one, around 90.Early Birthday Gift for, her birthday is on the 3rd May, I'm not too late this time.Hej, nije tako strasno raditi po fotki - ne mozes odjednom da nacrtas woooow pozu bez neke reference (kako se to kaze na nasem?I've been very happy this year, and fingers crossed next year will be even better.Characters in front - Yunika (girl in red) and Hugo (guy in green).

Final adjustments Touch up: Photoshop CS2.
OpenCanvas.03e Plus, wacom, Photoshop 7 and 15 hours.
I hope it looks ok to you guys.
It has been 2 advanced excel repair months since I started!Originally I thought I would be able to finish this earlier, but due to a sudden change in mind with regards to what to do for the background, the canvas size doubled and hence the extra amount of time required.Mais si vous avez besoin d'un programme complet de graphiques, OpenCanvas plus 3,0 ne satisfera pas vos besoins.Wakizashi is from Scorpion Clan and is blessed by Osano-Wo, that's the reason of those little sparks/rays around.I'm still on the search for a new colouring style xDD.