nba 2k11 roster update ps3

Fixed a bug where coaches would get fired continuously (this fix also applies to My Player mode).
Addressed a playcalling issue where non-stars are getting a bulk of the plays run for them during specific situations.
Users are no longer able to call a timeout when they are bobbling the ball.File, last file modification, thu Jul 24, 2014 9:31.This change also affects in-game saves created in the various game modes (Association, My Player, etc.).Those issues were noted as such.) - Addressed a hang that would sometimes occur when completing a game during the NBA time period.Fixed an issue that caused a decrease in trading activity in future years. .Long range passes have been re-tuned to fix a gameplay exploit. .If you are not the author of a file, games wants to be a millionaire indonesia make sure you have permission to upload.Download MOD by Hotschi, Demolition Fabi, oxpus.Do not" me but many of you will be able to pick up and play your old My Player like nothing ever happened.

Missed and inaccurate passes will now play at an appropriate rate when passing out of a shot or contact shot.
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Home court advantage (for simulated games) has been toned down during the regular season, and even more so during the playoffs (this fix also applies to My Player mode).Addressed a game disconnect issue when one user would call a timeout, quit out of the game, and attempt to start another game.Online - Voice Chat improvements have been made to eliminate/reduce the amount of background static that can be heard in Team-Up/Pick-Up games.Users are now able to execute the Crossover move when using the Alternate A controller configuration.Funny thing is, there's an actual hornet logo in the 'create team' mode.The My Rookie of the Year, One for All, and Not Over Yet Achievements/Trophies should now properly unlock once the necessary conditions are met.