ms office 2007 windows 8 compatibility

KB2767916 dated February 12, 2013 was installed on my machine.
Now go to following key: for Office 2007: for Office 2010: for Office 2013:.
This data type and the new PtrSafe attribute enable you to use this Declare statement on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems.
Returns a LongPtr on 64-bit versions, and a Long on 32-bit versions (4 bytes).The following code demonstrates the use of these two constants.I have been beating my head against the wall for about a year with a visio 2007 start-up problem.The following Declare statement opens a subkey in the Windows registry and replaces its value.Conversion Operator, cLngPtr, converts a simple expression to a LongPtr data type.Note that you can assign numeric values to it but not numeric types.IE 11 is the only supported version for Windows 10,.1 and.The name of the DLL file that contains the procedure being called follows the.It'll open Registry Editor.In such situation, you'll need to reset the default template for creating new documents using following steps:.

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You do this in VBA by making API calls using Declare statements.
Open Microsoft Word, roxio creator pro 2012 keygen click on, file, menu or ORB and then click.
EXE, including the desktop shortcut.As stated earlier, there are two new conditional compilation constants: VBA7 and Win64.Close Registry Editor and restart Word.Follow these steps to restore the default file save format:.Open Word and it'll automatically create a new tm file in Templates folder which will solve the issue.Function VarPtr Variant converter.I also had prior installed Office 2010 Professional on the same Windows 7 SP1 machine.If you want to ensure that you are using 32-bit statements for 32-bit versions and 64-bit statements for 64-bit versions, your best option is to use the Win64 conditional compilation constant.Note that the PtrSafe attribute is optional on the 32-bit version of Office 2010.