ms office 2003 setup.ini file

Display section - allows you to instruct setup to run in quite mode.
Exe CmdLine: /qf /I "C:Documents and SettingsdtUserDesktopMicrosoft Office 20 I" t cheongdamdong alice episode 1 Display"Basic" launchedfromsetup"1" setupexepath"C:Documents and SettingsdtUserDesktopMicrosoft Office 2003" S etupexename"setup.
C:Documents and SettingsdtUserDesktopMicrosoft Office 2003setup.
About, terms, dMCA, contact, startup - share TO success, fly.Logging, templateMicrosoft Office 2003 Setup.txt, typepiwaeo.0028: 38.1/26/2011 8:46:32 PM WaitForMsiExecDone.This allows for control of many aspects of the Office 2003 Editions installation process.Cache, cdcacheauto, localcachedrived: purge0.Now how do I copy the disk to my hard drive.Open i in a simple text editor such as Notepad and modify any of the following sections as desired:.Event ID: 7, date: 4/9/2007, time: 5:47:19 PM, user: N/A.

1/26/2011 8:46:32 PM WaitForMsiExecDone exits Verifying install package is available Reading from "C:Documents and SettingsdtUserDesktopMicrosoft Office 2003SET I "CacheCDCache" (Default: 0) Value: auto Reading from "C:Documents and SettingsdtUserDesktopMicrosoft Office 2003SET I "CachePurge" (Default: 0) Value: 0 Reading from "C:Documents and SettingsdtUserDesktopMicrosoft Office 2003SET I "CacheDeletableCache".
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Product, productCode D3-8CFE C9, productNameMicrosoft Office 2003, productVersion11.0.5614.0.MinOSRequirement, versionNT_1500, windowsBuild_12195, servicePackLevel_13.You can find a sample copy of this file on the Office 2003 Editions CD in the FilesSetup folder.Echo Installing Office 2003 Professional echo Please wait.Display, displayNone, completionNoticeYes.0028: 33 bb 3c ».Shutting down chained setup processing.The setup executable reads this settings file and writes tasks to the registry based on the information provided.Logging Type Path Template.Product section - contains the product code, name, and version information for and is used to determine whether the product is installed.